About Us


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At Wiziya, we prepare our students with the wisdom, confidence and will they need to be actively engaged in a global environment. Our students are challenged intellectually and creatively, and we encourage them to think critically and collaborate with others.

Valuing each student’s individuality, creativity and potential, Wiziya provides the skills they need to fully achieve the best version of themselves in mind, body and spirit. Our unifying goal is to instill a positive attitude in our students to enable them to constructively reason, communicate and execute their work at an individual and collective level.

The learning process at Wiziya unfolds over a lifetime. Our dedicated community of tutors, educators and parents, guide students to pursue their ambitions with confidence and provide them with the wisdom to live balanced and purposeful lives.


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The greatest achievement of learning at Wiziya is the realization of each student’s highest intellectual and creative ability, and their constructive application in their communities and the world.

Preparing each student for a future filled with moral responsibility, positive outlook, personal growth and fulfillment, and collaborative engagement with the world, unifies and inspires all the members of our community here at Wiziya.

Code of Conduct

The tenets of our community is outlined by our code of conduct. We follow these principles as guidelines in our teaching environment. At Wiziya, we strongly believe in the following values:
• Recognizing each student’s individuality and ability.
• Thinking critically and reasoning creatively.
• Achieving academic excellence and personal fulfillment.
• Thinking, speaking and acting as morally responsible individuals.
• Honoring diverse cultures and backgrounds.
• Respecting other’s opinions and ideas.
• Working collaboratively.
• Reasoning, communicating and executing constructively.
• Adapting to each student’s individual learning style.
• Maintaining student-teacher-parent partnerships.
• Fostering independent thinking and decision-making.
• Nurturing creativity and passion.
• Cultivating determination and the power of will.
• Instilling resilience and confidence.
• Engaging in local and global communities.
• Growing in mind, body and spirit.
• Rejecting all forms of harassment, discrimination and injustice.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Wiziya is a diverse and inclusive community with students, families and educators from different backgrounds and cultures. We acknowledge and celebrate these differences, which make us unique and unified. All members of our community are treated equally and respectfully, and we strive to encourage openness and tolerance.

We value our members’ unique voices, views and identities, and we honor their ability, age, gender, race, belief, culture, religion, socio-economic background, political view etc. The work of inclusion is maintained by all and done for all, through responsibility, commitment and open mindset.

Anti-bullying, Anti-harassment

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All forms of discrimination, harassment and injustice are condemned at the highest form, which is integral to fostering a fair, just and safe learning environment. Our tutors, educators and staff ensure to prevent and address any form of bullying and harassment.

Wiziya is a place where everyone is safe, accepted, respected and where we’re morally responsible individuals. That being said, if any form of bullying is detected, we will discuss the matter with the parties involved to stop and eradicate the harassment, and if the behavior persists, Wiziya may determine to terminate the learning process with the harasser and if applicable, take legal action.

The learning environment a student grows up in, can affect the environment that he creates once he is an active member of society. Therefore, we take great importance in guiding our students to do the right thing, be tolerable, respectful and fair.

Empowering Women and Girls

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Gender equality is one of our core values. All people, regardless of their gender, should have the freedom to choose their educational and career orientation, to thrive socially and economically, and participate in their communities and globally as equals. In today’s competitive world, we know it can be challenging for girls to fit in. The lack of confidence, motivation and belonging can make society seem like a hostile place. We want to change that.

Women and girls are key agents of development and change, and we believe that this starts with an inclusive, empowering and equal education for all. Our girls are the leader’s of tomorrow, building fair, inclusive and prosperous communities. We can do this by achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls.