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What Will I Learn?

  • World History: The Crusades, World War 1 and 2, The Great Depression, The Cold War, The French Revolution etc.
  • Ancient Empires: Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece, Rome etc.
  • American History: Colonial America, Civil Rights Movement, American Revolution etc.
  • European History: Feudalism, Middle Ages, The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations etc.


Hey everybody, I'm David and I'm a history enthusiast. Having travelled to over 23 countries, in 5 continents of the world, I've learned about different cultures and historical aspects of societies.

Everything comes down to history for me. My idea of fun is to read . I've tutored history for high school and college students for 11 years, I've done archival history work for the Canadian Historical Society, and I've been a research assistant in history.

I always want to get to know my students well so the student and I can decide whether we’re a good match.

My way of teaching is simple -- I don't want to spoon-feed people answers, leaving them unable to come up with any the next time they have a paper to write. I should be helping people figure out the answers themselves. Every session with me is me asking questions, until it switches on the light bulb in the student's head. The best tutor is one who eventually makes themselves unnecessary.

How I structure classes:
1) discuss your goals, strengths, and weaknesses
2) create a personalized lesson plan for you based on your learning style
3) provide feedback and optional homework to help you accomplish your goals

Are you ready to travel back in time with me?

Let's begin our journey!
David .


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1. World History

Reading various articles, comparing historical events and doing in-depth analysis of major global history.

2. American History

Looking at key events in the history of the United States.From Pre-Columbian to the New Millennium.

3. European History

The history of Europe concerns itself with the discovery and collection, the study, organization and presentation and the interpretation of past events and affairs of the people of Europe since the beginning of written records.

4. K-12 History

Covering all K-12 history topics.

Master of Arts in History

M.A. with honors. McGill University, Canada.

Bachelor of Arts in History

B.A. Concordia University, Canada.









Excellent Tutor!

Rebeka, USA

David is a wonderful teacher. He helps a lot and supports my HW that I really need. I am really glad that I found him for my history class. If anyone needs help with study they can reach out to him.

American History

Anita, USA

David is a excellent, excellent tutor, very happy with his acknowledged about History, well explained the lesson he was teaching. Very clear to understand. I really recommend him if you need help with History, he is excellent.

The Best Teacher!!

Kelly, USA

Thanks so much, this is making so much more sense ! You put the concepts in to terms that are understandable

Very good and patient

Sophia, Canada

He was very nice and understanding. He answered all of my questions in a way I could understand. He made sure that I could get a good grade by teaching my in a calm and polite way.

8th grade history

Chad, Canada

He helped my son complete some last minute assignments that was due the next day! My son struggled with them and this was our last resort and was totally worth it! Thanks so much!

Knowledgeable teacher

Levi, USA

David is a knowledgeable and patient tutor. As my son said, David is a history teacher without a book. Thanks for making children interested in history lessons.