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What Will I Learn?

  • Science: Covering all K-12 topics in biology, physics, chemistry and earth science.
  • Math: Algebra 1,Algebra 2,Calculus,Geometry,Logic,Prealgebra,Precalculus,Probability,SAT Math,Statistics,Trigonometry
  • French: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, oral and written expression.
  • English: beginner and intermediate levels, speaking, writing,listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary.


Hi, I'm Gigi and I'm a full-time tutor specializing in English, French, science and math tutoring for students of all ages. I have taught over 160 students and work with all of them to create a program tailored to their individual goals and needs.

English: I can help you with all aspects of French including grammar, conversation, vocabulary, and overall fluency. When it comes to learning French, I believe that speaking experience is just as important as learning grammar and vocabulary. For students who need help with grammar (one of the trickiest things to learn in French!), I have lots of experience with French grammar both as a student and teacher. I emphasize speaking skills and give students the opportunity to practice this throughout my lessons.

English: As a native English speaker, I help my students with pronunciation, speaking, grammar, writing and reading. My goal is to set students on the path to proficiency so they, like me, can converse freely with native speakers, compose strong academic essays, enjoy English-language media, and generally feel comfortable making the language their own.

Science: Having graduated with a M.Sc. in Physics, I am very passionate about teaching science.As an experienced tutor/teacher of chemistry, biology and physics, I have a good understanding of what students need to know and common misconceptions that students typically have. With this knowledge, you can be sure that what you are learning is important and common mistakes will be addressed. I will also individualize my tutoring based on my students' questions, needs, and understanding level.

Math: Having tutored many students in mathematics, I have covered subjects including Algebra and Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics. Bringing a positive attitude and fun to learning the subject of math my goal is to empower my students.

Student success is a top priority for me, and I would love to talk about how to meet your (or your child’s) needs. I am easy to reach, quick to respond and flexible with scheduling. I am also happy to consult with teachers and provide feedback to parents.

How I structure classes:
1) discuss your goals, strengths, and weaknesses
2) create a personalized lesson plan for you based on your learning style
3) provide feedback and optional homework to help you accomplish your goals

Looking forward to teaching you,
Gigi .


Monday      7:00 am- 9:pm
Tuesday     7:00 am- 8:pm
Wednesday   9:00 am- 8:pm
Thursday    8:00 am- 8:pm
Friday      8:00 am- 9:pm
Saturday    7:00 am- 7:pm
Sunday      9:00 am- 7:pm


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1. Science:

Covering all K-12 topics in biology, physics, chemistry and earth science.

2. Math

Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus,Geometry,Logic,Prealgebra,Precalculus,Probability,SAT Math,Statistics,Trigonometry.

3. French

Pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, oral and written expression.

4. English

Beginner to advanced levels, speaking, writing,listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary.

Master of Science in Physics

M.Sc. with honors. University of Sorbonne, France.

Bachelor of Science in Physics

B.Sc. Sorbonne University, France.








Physics Tutoring

Don, USA

My son was very pleased with the with manner in which Gigi conducted the tutoring session. He stated that Gigi did a much better job in explaining the work requirements and problem solving than his college professor.

Extremely competent and relatable!

Cavan, USA

We’ve engaged Gigi to assist my daughter in Freshman Calculus at UNC. Both lessons this far have been excellent. Tutor is relatable and able to communicate challenging concepts in a manner that daughter can comprehend. Gigi’s schedule is flexible and we are 100 percent satisfied. We will continue to use for full semester and augment the online learning through UNC.

Awesome Tutor!

Jen, USA

Gigi is the best tutor that I have ever known. She truly wants you to do well and succeed. It’s not just a job for her. She lives and breaths math. She is good at all of it. I have tutored with her for years— Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics. We even did Chemistry (we both hated it so much, but she was still able to teach me and make it bearable). She’s so amazing at all of it! When I don’t understand something she explains it in a different way. If I still don’t understand it, she tries a different way, and on and on until I understand.

Effective and Knowledgeable Tutor

Jacqueline, Canada

Gigi helped me to prepare for my French Proficiency Exam that was required for my graduate degree. In the span of two and a half months she was able to provide me with useful tools and translation techniques that allowed me to pass my test after almost five years without any practice prior to our lessons. She was organized and helpful - she suggested exercises and tips that allowed me to grasp difficult elements of the French language expediently. I am very grateful for her help and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for help with their French!

Knowledgeable, helpful, and caring

Sandra, Canada

Gigi has been helping my daughter with French 2 for about eight months now. Since we started, there has been a great improvement in my daughter's understanding, confidence, and grades. She is always available to help, give feedback, and have extra lessons around exam time.

Fantastic Spanish Tutor

Wan, USA

Gigi tutors our son in high school English. We have seen a significant improvement in fluency and grades over the last 6 months since Felicia started helping him. She is extremely patient and would find creative ways to help him learn.

Great teacher

Guilherme, USA

Gigi was really great explaining basic concepts on our first session. looking forward to continuing more classes with her. She was really great explaining basic concepts on our first session. looking forward to continuing more classes with her.

My daughter loved her class!

Pardeep, USA

Gigi was the first tutor we’ve had and this was my 9th grader’s very first class with her for Spanish-3 to help her with a conversation test the next day. She loved the session, and appreciated how the teacher found exactly where she needed help with and taught her how to prepare for the test. My daughter felt very confident about taking the test after her class.